Coral Beauty - (Centropyge bispinosus), Fish by

Coral Beauty - A (Centropyge bispinosus)


Very common on the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Beauty Angelfish is also known as the Twospined or Dusky Angelfish. The body and head are a deep royal blue, highlighted with an iridescent orange to yellow. The Coral Beauty Angelfish is one of the easiest...
Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus)

Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus)


The Flame Angelfish is a flashy addition to many aquariums. One of the most popular of the dwarf angelfish, the Flame Angelfish is a bold red/orange color with vertical black stripes highlighting the body and horizontal black stripes along the caudal portions of the blue-tipped...
Yellow Angel - Coral Sea (Centropyge heraldi), Fish by

Yellow Angel - Coral Sea (Centropyge heraldi)


The yellow angelfish is a bright yellow bodied fish, with electric blue details around the eye and back area. Males can have a bit of black on their face, but other than that both sexes are all yellow. Even though it looks like almost the twin of...
Bicolour Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge bicolor), Fish by

Bicolour Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge bicolor)


The Bicolour Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge bicolor), is a vibrant yellow on the anterior half of its body and a deep blue on the posterior half. A splash of deep blue extends upward vertically from the eye to the top of the head and the tail is...
Golden Angel (Centropyge aurantia), Fish by

Golden Angel (Centropyge aurantia)


The Golden Angel  is identified by its velvet looking burnt orange/red coloration with thin, broken yellow vertical bars running along each side of the body. The Golden Angel, like other dwarf angels, are hermaphroditic, difficult to breed, and indistinguishable in color variations from male to female. The...
Cherub Angel (Centropyge argi), Fish by

Cherub Angel (Centropyge argi)


The Cherub Angel (Centropyge argi) is a brilliant sapphire-blue with orange highlights to the face. This is an aggressive little angelfish, so it is best to never have more than one male per tank, since they may fight to the death. The diet of the Cherub Angelfish...
Venusta Angel (Paracentropyge venusta), Fish by

Venusta Angel (Paracentropyge venusta)


This beautiful and somewhat rare dwarf angelfish has yellow body and face area, with a triangular blue patch on top of the head, and a blue colored saddle area that starts near the front dorsal fin and extends overs the rear portion of the body...
Potters Angel (Centropyge potteri), Fish by

Potters Angel (Centropyge potteri)


The Potter's Angelfish has a brilliant orange body, marbleized with pale to dark blue. The caudal portions of the dorsal and anal fins as well as the caudal fin are a dark blue-black. The Potter's Angelfish should be offered a variety of foods including Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality...
Yellow Angel - Fiji (Centropyge woodheadi)

Yellow Angel - Fiji (Centropyge woodheadi)


Yellow Angel - Fiji (Centropyge woodheadi). The Yellow Angelfish from the Cook Islands is also known as the False Lemonpeel Angelfish, and is completely bright yellow in color. They resemble the Lemonpeel Angelfish with the exception of the blue markings around the eyes and the edges...
Rusty Angel (Centropyge ferrugata), Fish by

Rusty Angel (Centropyge ferrugata)


The Rusty Angelfish is aptly named for its predominate red or amber coloration punctuated with black dots that decrease in size from dorsal to anal and pelvic fins. The anal fin is dark and both the dorsal and anal fins are rimmed in bright, sapphire-blue. The...
Red Stripe Angel (Centropyge eibli), Fish by

Red Stripe Angel (Centropyge eibli)


The red stripe angel with its pearlescent body is highlighted with several vertical, evenly-spaced orange to red stripes. The very back of the body and caudal fin are black. A brilliant sapphire-blue stripe outlines the caudal fin. The diet of the Red Stripe Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine...
Flameback Angel (Centropyge aurantonotus), Fish by

Flameback Angel (Centropyge aurantonotus)


The Flameback Angelfish, also known as the African Pygmy Angelfish or Orangeback Angelfish, has striking contrasts of blue and orange-yellow colors. While the body is predominately blue, there is a broad and bright orange to yellow swatch from the head along the back to the...
Half Black Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge vroliki), Fish by

Half Black Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge vroliki)


The Half Black Angelfish, like its name is half black and half pearled in coloration.It is very difficult to breed in an aquarium, and has no distinguishable differences in color between male to female. The diet of the Half Black Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine algae, mysis...
Keyhole Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge tibicen), Fish by

Keyhole Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge tibicen)


The  Keyhole Angelfish is one of the largest of the Centropyge genus. Somewhat drab when compared to most other angelfish, the Tibicen Angelfish is primarily a dull blue to brownish-blue. The pelvic and lower portion of the anal fins are yellow. The egg-shaped, white vertical bar found...
Shepard's Angel (Centropyge shepardi), Fish by

Shepard's Angel (Centropyge shepardi)


The brightly colored Shepard's Pygmy Angelfish Centropyge shepardi is a delightful dwarf angelfish, reaching just over 4 3/4 inches (12 cm) in length. Its beautiful colorations range from apricot to an orangish red. The Angelfish is derived from this vibrant coloration. It usually has some dark stripes...
Midnight Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge nox), Fish by

Midnight Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge nox)


The Black Nox Angelfish, also known as the Midnight Angelfish, is uniformly black over its entire body. The diet of the Black Nox Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine algae, mysis shrimp along with other meaty fare, and live rock for grazing. A great addition for your salt...
Multicolour Angel (Centropyge multicolor), Fish by

Multicolour Angel (Centropyge multicolor)


The Multicolor Angelfish is pale peach-orange to yellow. Black speckles on a background of blue highlight an area just behind the eyes. The dorsal and anal fins are blue-black while the caudal fin is yellow. In bright contrast to its other colors, there is a horizontal...
Joculata Angel (Centropyge joculata), Fish by

Joculata Angel (Centropyge joculata)


Another of the hardy yet extremely rare dwarf Angelfish, the Joculator Angelfish is only found around the Cocos and Christmas Islands. If you are lucky enough to purchase one of these fish, it will make a great addition to the seasoned aquarium utilizing live rock...
Japanese Angel (Centropyge interruptus), Fish by

Japanese Angel (Centropyge interruptus)


The Interruptus Angelfish, Centropyge interruptus, also known as the Japanese Pygmy Angelfish, is one of the most highly prized and desired fish species in the aquarium trade. Found off the coasts of Japan, the Interruptus Angel exhibits vibrant shades of pink and purple, littered with speckled...
Lemon Peel (Centropyge flavissima), Fish by

Lemon Peel (Centropyge flavissima)


The Lemonpeel Angelfish is a cheery yellow with sky-blue highlights on the lips, encircling the eyes, on the pectoral fins, and the tips of the dorsal, caudal, and anal fins. The diet of the Lemonpeel Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality angelfish preparations, mysis or frozen...
Yellowfin Angel (Centropyge flavipectoralis), Fish by

Yellowfin Angel (Centropyge flavipectoralis)


The Yellowfin Angelfish sports showy yellow pectoral fins that contrast dramatically against a dark brown body coloration with metallic navy-blue vertical bars. As its common name suggest, the yellow pectoral fins appear like moonbeams peering through a dark midnight sky. The effect of this striking...
Yellow Tail Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge flavicauda), Fish by

Yellow Tail Angel - Melanesia (Centropyge flavicauda)


The yellow tail angel's body and face are primarily blue and the caudal fin is white. One male and several females can be kept together. The Pygmy Yellowtail Angelfish can be bred in an aquarium, but has no distinguishing characteristics that differentiate males from females. The diet...
Fisher's Angel (Centropyge fisheri), Fish by

Fisher's Angel (Centropyge fisheri)


The Fisher's Angel (Centropyge fisheri) is predominantly orange with a thin sapphire-blue outline highlighting the belly and anal fin; the caudal fin is pale yellow. It is hermaphroditic, very difficult to breed in an aquarium, and has no distinguishable differences in color between male to female. The diet of...
Twilight Angel (Centropyge deborae), Fish by

Twilight Angel (Centropyge deborae)


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