Question:   How do Marine World Aquatics points and rewards work?

  • Spend £1 and get 1 point.
  • 350 points = £5 off any future purchases (this can also be partially redeemed if you cannot wait to hit the 350 points milestone).
  • To use the points and rewards program you must register online first, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Question:    How to I redeem points with online purchases?

When placing an order online your points will automatically be calculated on checkout and can be redeemed in full or partially at your option.


Question:    How do I redeem points & rewards with in-store purchases

You must register online beforehand, when you are at the checkout, inform the clerk that you have registered and simply give them your registered full name, the clerk will then identify you and your points will automatically be added yo your account with your order, to be redeemed for future purchases.


Once you have earned points simply request for them to be redeemed when you revisit, they clerk will then apply the 350 points /£5 ratio discount to your order.

Question:    How long are points valid for?

Points must be redeemed within 1 year of being acquired otherwise they will expire.


Question:    How do I check how many points I have?

Login to your account dashboard : My Account.


Question:    I have purchased from in-store before and wasn’t registered online beforehand, can I still get points added?

YES! Simply email us (info@marine-world.co.uk) with your receipt bar-code number and we will add them to your account.